Why insulin can contribute to making you fat

UnknownA good rag for news & reflection

I write a monthly column for DiabetesHealth Magazine. It’s my personal opinions and experiences about living with diabetes. Of course Scott King, the publisher, likes to say it’s my, “rants and raves.” My articles also appear on their regular web site blasts. 

Yesterday their web blast featured an extremely understandable and easy reading article about the carb/fat debate, The “Fat-Free Fallacy:” Is It Obesity’s Great Enabler? 

I could condense the article here, but it’s better you read the whole thing. Don’t let the length of the article scare you, it reads fast. 

I will give you, however, my 3-bullet take away: 1) Glucose not used by the body is turned into fat by insulin, so unused carbs make you fatter than fat 2) Never skip your insulin, instead lower your carb intake. And, since you have to have three things in a list 3) The food pyramid will likely make you fatter since carbs form its foundation. 

You can take all this with a grain of salt, but I’d say pay more attention to the results you’re getting from your diet and then draw your own conclusions.

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