Diabetes can awaken you to your life’s purpose

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.45.51 PMUse diabetes to create a greater life and a new earth

March 3rd Oprah’s launching the biggest book club ever on her web site – it’s global and they’ll be reading a book I read two years ago and was so taken with when I lifted it up off my friend’s coffee table in Scottdale, that she had to gift it to me. Which she did.  Since the world is beginning to pick it up, I dipped in again last night. The book is  A New Earth- Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle.

A new earth is about detaching from your ego and waking up to your inner consciousness. When you come from your inner spirit, not your ego, you will be an instrument for positive change in the world, so says Tolle. This is the act of leaving your identification of yourself as your ego behind; residing in the consciousness that you truly are, whose purpose is to create good, both in your life and the world, and can do so supremely better than our small, defensive, judgmental egos.

The passage I read last night struck me in relation to this journey we’re on living with diabetes. Talking about loss Tolle says, “there are many accounts of people who experienced an emerging new dimension of consciousness as a result of tragic loss at some point in their lives. Some lost all their possessions, others their children or spouse, their social position, reputation or physical abilities. Whatever they had identified with, whatever gave them their sense of self, had been taken away. Then suddenly and inexplicably, the anguish or intense fear they initially felt, gave way to a sacred sense of Presence, a deep peace and serenity and complete freedom from fear.”

Paraphrasing what Tolle goes on to say here’s the message — When there is nothing to identity with anymore, who are you? Your sense of  “I am” is freed from being tangled up with concrete forms. You realize your essential being, your true self, is consciousness itself.

Not everyone reacts to loss with this realization. Some create a strong mental image (thought form) seeing themselves as a victim, whether of circumstances other people or fate. This thought form of themselves creates anger, resentment, self-pity, and they strongly identify with it. The ego then identifies with this new form. The fact that this form is a deeply unhappy one, doesn’t concern the ego much. As long as the ego has an identity it is happy.

Whenever tragic loss occurs, you either resist it or you yield to it. Some people become bitter and deeply resentful, others become compassionate, wise and loving. Yielding means you are accepting what is and you are open to life.

If you take action from resistance and negativity you will create more resistance and negativity in your life; life will not be helpful. When the shutters are closed the sunlight cannot come in so to speak. However, when you yield, when you surrender, a new dimension of consciousness opens. If action is necessary, yours will be in alignment with the greater good and supported by creative intelligence. Circumstances and people become helpful and cooperative. Positive coincidences happen. If no action is necessary, you rest in peace and inner stillness. You rest in God.

Tolle is a great spiritual teacher and I am an avid believer. It’s always been my message that we should try to see our diabetes as a loss that can lead to greater positive determination, empathy, compassion, appreciation and quality of life. Yield and find your strength, power and ability to transform yourself, your life and the world for greater good. I’m with you Tolle. I’m with you Oprah.

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