Diabetes videos on ABC TV

In recognition of Diabetes Month ABC TV is showing up to 45 second videos sent from people using insulin. What strikes me is the typical sad to somber arc of so many people’s stories. How about sad to glad?

Sure, upon diagnosis we’re reeling, grieving, feeling loss, shock, confused, pissed-off. And, learning to live with diabetes is a process over time, as you get better educated and build your diabetes-muscle through education and repetition.

But there is also another view of living with diabetes if you look from the other side. Diabetes can be an asset. I’m not saying I’d go out and chose it, but if you’ve got it, use it.

Diabetes can motivate you to eat better and get on that exercise bike you now hang your clothes on. I will go so far as to say if you take care of it, diabetes can actually make you healthier – you’ll lose some weight, attend to your blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Also, realizing the fragility of life, diabetes is a wake-up call to get going on your dream. My fellow A1c Champions are an overwhelmingly joyful bunch as they go around the country helping others manage their diabetes. And, emotionally, while many fall into denial, depression and a victim stance, taking good care of your diabetes can develop an inner strength and confidence, a sense of mastery, an appreciation for your stamina, and pride. Well c’mon, you just knew that’s what I was going to say, didn’t you? Hear for yourself.

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