Happy Insulin Day!

UnknownFrederick Banting

Did you know that on this date — October 30 in 1920, Frederick Banting woke from his sleep and wrote down the method to isolate insulin? Don’t worry, I didn’t know either. A friend, who is an M.D., just sent this salutation to me in an email and it gave me a moment’s pause. Banting’s dreamed method was so on the mark that in January of 1922 he treated the first patient with type 1 diabetes successfully! In that regard I am very happy to wish you a fabulous insulin day.

Think today how lucky you are. Millions died from diabetes before insulin was discovered and had to subsist on starvation diets before their grizzly end. So, maybe on Happy Insulin Day we should all celebrate by indulging in a favorite food — pizza, Drake’s coffee cakes, cherry pie, mocha fudge ice cream (oops, my fantasies) — because we know we can manage it with insulin. And, yes, tomorrow is another day.

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