An oldie but goodie: Love and the Juvenile Diabetic



I wrote ‘Love and the Juvenile Diabetic’ in 2004 three years into my marriage. It was a good marriage, only kidding. It’s probably even better now it that’s possible, as you grow with someone over time. 

Last week we went up to Boston where I visited a number of diabetes organizations and companies. A friend at one of those companies wrote to me after I visited. 

“After seeing you and Bou I just re-read ‘Love and the Juvenile Diabetic’–new meaning this time around for me, as more life has happened since I last read it in undergrad school. Thank you for writing it.”

Since we’re always at different stages in our lives, and things affect us differently depending upon where we are, if you’ve read this before you might enjoy it a second time. If not, you might enjoy it for the first time.