You can still be part of the CURE

The DRI Foundation faculty and staff under the giant CURE banner.

Yours truly in orange square 

Yesterday the CURE banner was unfurled in the lobby of Miami's Diabetes Research Institute (DRI). $63,000 was raised from people like you and me pledging as little as $10 and submitting their photo that's now part of the banner. This includes a matching gift of $25,000 from campaign sponsors Animas and LifeScan. Monies raised goes to DRI's singular mission - research for a cure.  

CEO Robert Pearlman said the banner stands as a visible testament to DRI's mission, a reminder to all the scientists who go to their research laboratories every day how important their work truly is toward finding a cure.

Right now in fact, Scientific Director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, has teamed with New Jersey's Hackensack University Medical Center to test implanting insulin-producing islet cells in monkeys' abdomens rather than the liver. The hope is this will avoid the need for auto-immune suppression drugs. 

You can make a contribution to DRI either through or on the cure site, including raising your cure contribution to $50 to receive a mouse pad with the CURE image. 

How can you resist? After all I'm somewhere among those 1,300 photos - just on the right side of the 'R' ;-)

The CURE banner will remain at

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